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Yukona 360TS


Moisture-resistant plywood flooring
Section aluminium flooring

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Overall length, cm 357
Cockpit length, cm 246
Overall width, cm 179
Cockpit width, cm 85
Tube diameter, cm 47
Number of leak-tight compartments 3+keel
Max. load-carrying capacity 620
Max. passenger capacity 5+1
Max. motor power 20
Net weight, kg 78,6
Admissible wave height, cm 35
Material density, kg/sqm 1100
Moisture-resistant plywood flooring  
Section aluminium flooring  
The boat set includes one seat bag with a soft lining  


Yukona 360TS

360TS - this boat has excellent speed and sailing features. Thanks to high load-carrying capacity and roominess a big company of friends can distract from the everyday routine and cares for a while and feel the width of our immense Native land, its rivers and lakes, in the convenience and comfort of this reliable model. Movable seats technology ensures even and correct distribution of crew and load in the boat. Enhanced deadrise at the stern and the bow makes the boat easily steerable at high speeds.

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