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The duckboards for rowing boats
(GT series)
with the option of a hinged transom for motor up to 3.5 HP

The duckboards for motor boats
(series: TL, TS)

Aluminum rack/Plywood rack

It's 4 or 5 rails, depending on the model, which are inserted in special pockets-guides and rigidly held in them. Provide the ability to safely and confidently move in the cockpit. Convenience products is that the material used for slatted floors, practically maintenance free and has an unlimited shelf life.

Sectional waterproof plywood

Can be thickness 9 or 12 mm Plywood increased moisture resistance with a maximum crimp of wood, produced by technology of sparkleice.
Soles protected with water resistant paint and covered with a waterproof varnish of special structure. The kit includes aluminum stringers. To increase reliability on a large wave and improving the speed characteristics, ranging from boats series 330 TS, plywood partitions around the perimeter of reinforced aluminum elements. The so-called locks. This design creates a significant convenience in the Assembly and additional protection from moisture. Serves to stiffen the hull.

Plywood soles-owner

Made from waterproof 6mm plywood. Each section is glued together with a strip of PVC fabric by hot welding. The advantage is that in the assembled state, it covers the entire surface of the bottom of the boat. Is light weight and convenient for use. Easy going.

Sectional aluminum

Made of aluminum alloy. 10% lighter plywood soles. Consists of stackable sections with non-slip knurling. The nose part is made of water-resistant plywood.

Deck Airdeck inflatable

Lightweight and easy to use and store inflatable floor. Can be used as mattress in the night. The 8 cm thick Inflated the standard pump. Due to the special design of the internal space, this kind of soles provides a rigid surface so that its stability is not inferior to other versions of the duckboards.

Inflatable Airdeck soles

Tough and durable inflatable deck.
Reinforced with special design, the biggest load on the keel. Perfectly fulfills the task of maintaining the rigidity of the structure on the wave. Does not deform under load. The weight of the boat complete, depending on the model can be reduced in comparison with plywood soles from 13 to 17 kg. the Boat is faster in the Assembly by 50%.