Overall length, cm 320
Cockpit length, cm 216
Overall width, cm 154
Cockpit width, cm 70
Tube diameter, cm 42
Number of leak-tight compartments 3+1
Max. load-carrying capacity 420
Max. passenger capacity 3
Max. motor power 9,8
Net weight, kg 39
Distance from the shore, m 1000
Material density, kg/sqm 900
Package size, cm  115x70x30
The set includes under-seat bag


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Yukona 320 Air Tank

Motor inflatable boats of this size are designed specifically for fishermen, hunters, and those who like outdoor activities in the raw and need a boat which can be assembled within the shortest time. All Yukona Air Tank boats are equipped with movable seats system, which allows choosing the safest and the most convenient place during sailing.
Air Tank boats have much smaller weight than other boats of this size. The boat can be prepared for launching within the shortest time. You have to pump up all the compartments to working pressure. The tubes are reinforced from the bottom; it is so-called "armour" in places of the greatest load on the tube.
Yukona Air Tank boats are not subject to registration at the State Inspection of Small Vessels if you supplement a PVC inflatable boat with a boat motor with capacity up to 8 watt (10,88 l/s) inclusive. Inflatable V-shaped bottom of Yukona Air Tank motor boats formed by longitudinal webs pasted into inflatable boat case provides the required rigidity of the bottom and ensures the least possible hydrodynamic resistance and high speed performance.
This enables the boat with dimensions of 320x350x380 to start gliding quickly with a boat motor with capacity from 10 l/s.
A distinctive feature of Yukona Air Tank boats is the fact that the structure is assembled by original scheme preventing the "ball effect". This provides 100% steerability of the boat, enhanced stability at turns, and superior safety.


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