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Advantages of low-pressure inflatable boats Yukona Air Tank

Nowadays there are dozens of manufacturers offering boats of this class. Sometimes it is pretty difficult to define the advantages and features of the manufacturer. Therefore, we offer you our solutions designed for attainment of the main goals in Air Tank boat design. These goals are seaworthiness, safety, comfort, and guarantee.

The design features of  the stern help  avoid any decline of steerability and cross stability of the vessel when sailing along the straight lines and in turns.

Correct distribution of deadrise angle across the whole inflatable bottom ensures smooth motion and softens waves during gliding.

Elimination of excess pressure valve. Inflatable bottom should not uncontrollably lose pressure, since pressure decrease entails change of product performance.

Floor in the cockpit is absolutely even and has no corrugated sections.

Height of the seats, depending on model, makes from 34 to 36 cm

Protection of tubes on 320 and 350 boat, deck armour - on 380

Deadrise at stern is above the average.

7-year warranty.